Metaphorically Speaking


What are metaphors and how this program is going to benefit at a personal and organizational level? A basic question every organization is keen to know about.  It is no secretly decoded language capable of controlling others consciousness, but is the oldest form of expression in story narration or poetic way and connecting people on emotional ground.

The epics, folklores and fairy tale stories are the finest examples of metaphors passed to us through our ancestors, still leaving imprints on our mind and soul. No one knows how true they are and how much good the metaphor is.

Our present day behavior is based on belief system and experiences, which we faced in the past. Metaphor has taught you what is righteous act and what is sin and accordingly you act in the life. Your mental feeding defines your success and the failures. The good thing is you can change your life at any point of time. NLP metaphorically speaking technique contains all the techniques that can put your life back on track.

It allows you to let off go your negative emotions, guilt, fear, anger and other pinching memories of your past and change your old beliefs, which are a caboodle of nothing, but your past experience. No matter how different we are from race, creed, color and sex, but our lineage is same. Our sensory organs and emotions are same.

NLP metaphorically speaking allows us to re-connect our inner self and have a paradigm shift in the life. Our consciousness occasionally shows us the trail of success and propels us to follow it we can’t get over our rigid habits.

Different uses of Metaphors

  • Entertainment
  • Building relationships
  • Activate different emotional states
  • Invoke new ideas
  • Reduce stress
  • Reframe a situation

Multi sensory imagination

While providing activity tasks to the learners, it is important to figure out the language to invoke a response. For a multi sensory response a trained professional needs to ask different multi sensory questions:-

Visualization– “Can you imagine how beautiful she is”, this line visualises a ravishing picture perfect face webbed by your imagination.

Auditory imagination- “How does an owl sound” and you can hear inherited own sound in your ear drums.

Physical imagination- “A bleeding throat, imagine how hurtful it would be”

Multi sensory can prove beneficial in delivering most important information in an interesting manner.

Story narration- Story takes us to the imaginative state, where we fit into our favorite character shoes, feels his emotions and can invoke an imaginative response.

Creative writing- It invokes a creative response and mental alertness in the mind,

Historical accounts and literature- History and literature is an essential part of metaphor and activates our multi sensory mechanism.

Course Curriculum

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Sushil Mehrotra has over 30 years of experience in training and service delivery domain. An electronics engineer by education and certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has worked with industry leaders like Xerox, Canon, Ricoh and vCustomer. His experience spreads from setting up training function to Service Delivery and Quality. He has worked closely with HR function in his capacity as Training Head for three large MNC’s. He has served as head of service delivery and was responsible for setting up and managing training function for Ricoh, Canon and several other organization in capacity of management consultant. He currently works with WisdomTree Solutions as Chief Mentor.His journey to NLP started several years ago as he started looking for answer to perceived limitations of human performance. Firm believer of phrase “Nothing is impossible”; Sushil started looking for the answers to his concerns about human potential. His experiments in real life proved to him that complete metamorphoses of a person to achieve whatever he wanted to achieve was possible, and he missed a model that could be used to replicate the success. His search took him to spirituality and he joined and he remains an active member of Art of Living foundation. He also discovered several models existing in NLP that answered his quest to achieve excellence. His next challenge was to bring high quality and affordable NLP training to India as programs abroad were very expensive. He worked with Dr David J Lincoln (President ANLP (India)) to create basic NLP training infrastructure in India. The efforts bore fruits soon enough and under the auspices of ANLP (India), WisdomTree became the first organization to organize NLP Trainer Training in India itself and that too with two of the best Master Trainers of NLP.