NLP Practitioner Certification


NLP practitioner certification Training is a five day high quality learning training under the observation of highly experienced trainers accredited by the ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming) India. The program is about stress management, increasing the performance levels and achieving a better state of health.

The program is accompanied with a set of 15 audio CD’s absolutely free with a comprehensive program manual assisting participants to prepare. The self learning program uses extensive methods and linguistic re-framing combinations to break down old thinking habits, replacing with the new one leading to a better way of decision making and problem solving. It also guides you to express your emotions and behaviour in a constructive manner to enhance productivity.

The benefits of doing NLP practitioner certification training with our organisations are

    • World class trainers with years of experience behind.
    • Pre-study material that includes 15 high quality audio CD’s and 2 video DVD’s
    • Complimentary membership of ANLP
    • Certificates are recognized from ANLP, a recognized and famed organization
    • Provides participant a workbook to be always in rhythm even after post program reference.

Program content (Download Brochure)

Key belief pillars of NLP


  • Learn how to set realistic goals and achieve success in all spheres of life
  • Guide others in achieving the same feat


  • A brief understanding about the body language
  • Learn how to use soft skills like voice to gain rapport
  • How to disagree and still keeping the cool

Language patterns

  • Learn the secrets of hypnotism
  • Learn to ask the question gracefully for problem solving
  • Learn the art of listening to everyday language and assess when and how people limit themselves
  • Learn the art of presumption to leave an impact on others
  • Learn to take your stand against people disagreement gracefully

Anchoring- Freedom to feel what and how you want

  • Learn the art to control your feel and emotions
  • Learn the art to stop people from being stuck and move towards productive areas


  • Learn the art to take your own initiative
  • Learn how others take their decision
  • Learn the skill to spot the weakness in other’s strategies and fix them
  • Find out how to reshape the sales strategy according to customer buying habits

Neurological levels

Re-mould your identity, behaviour, environment, capabilities, belief system and values and generate a formula of success.

Sub-modalities- Unwind your brain

  • Eradicate all the phobias and fears permanently
  • Learn to change the painful beliefs, habits and feelings causing you the worry
  • How to alter the meaning you place on things and events

Represent yourself through the five senses

  • Learn the secret hoe we internally feed the outside world experience
  • Learn to read others mind through watching their eyes
  • Transform your capabilities to communicate with others

Changing the perception to obtain optimum results

Learn to be your own motivator and advisor.

Learn to resolve inter personal and inter group rifts.

Learn to extract valuable insights from other field of vision and develop leadership qualities.

Past integration- A key to personal agreement and harmony

Learn the methods to maintain good bonding and enhance team spirit working towards the same goal

Program Schedule

Course Curriculum

  • NLP Practitioner Certification

    Course Contents

    • Key Beliefs and Pillars of NLP
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    • GOALS – The Foundation of Achievement
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    • RAPPORT – The Foundation of Influence
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    • Representational Systems – Using Our 5 Senses
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    • Sub-Modalities – Making Your Brain Really Work for You
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    • Language Patterns – Being Focused with Words
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    • Anchoring – The Power to Feel How You Want
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    • Perceptual Positions – Changing Your Point of View to Achieve Better Results
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    • Strategies – How We Do What We Do
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    • Neurological Levels – More Keys to Personal and Organizational Congruency
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    • Parts Integration – A Key to Personal Congruency
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Sushil Mehrotra has over 30 years of experience in training and service delivery domain. An electronics engineer by education and certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has worked with industry leaders like Xerox, Canon, Ricoh and vCustomer. His experience spreads from setting up training function to Service Delivery and Quality. He has worked closely with HR function in his capacity as Training Head for three large MNC’s. He has served as head of service delivery and was responsible for setting up and managing training function for Ricoh, Canon and several other organization in capacity of management consultant. He currently works with WisdomTree Solutions as Chief Mentor.His journey to NLP started several years ago as he started looking for answer to perceived limitations of human performance. Firm believer of phrase “Nothing is impossible”; Sushil started looking for the answers to his concerns about human potential. His experiments in real life proved to him that complete metamorphoses of a person to achieve whatever he wanted to achieve was possible, and he missed a model that could be used to replicate the success. His search took him to spirituality and he joined and he remains an active member of Art of Living foundation. He also discovered several models existing in NLP that answered his quest to achieve excellence. His next challenge was to bring high quality and affordable NLP training to India as programs abroad were very expensive. He worked with Dr David J Lincoln (President ANLP (India)) to create basic NLP training infrastructure in India. The efforts bore fruits soon enough and under the auspices of ANLP (India), WisdomTree became the first organization to organize NLP Trainer Training in India itself and that too with two of the best Master Trainers of NLP.